Colon Massage

Relieve your digestive discomfort with a gentle, non-invasive colon massage at York Happy Gut Clinic. This specialized abdominal massage promotes better digestion, eliminates waste, and encourages healthy bowel movements. It is an excellent alternative or complement to more invasive treatments, providing relief from symptoms like bloating, gas, and constipation.

Our skilled practitioners use specific massage techniques to stimulate the colon, improve circulation, and encourage the release of trapped gas. You’ll experience a feeling of lightness and relief, along with improved digestion and increased energy levels. Our team takes a holistic approach to your health, offering expert guidance to help you maintain a happy and healthy gut.

Experience the many benefits of colon massage and book your appointment today at York Happy Gut Clinic.

For more information about colon massages, please contact me on 07984 199952 or

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A really great personal service.

Keren is very friendly & listens to everything you say.

Great advice too. Definitely recommended with zero qualms.

– Waseem

Highly professional & knowledgeable!

Keren offered valuable insight into the mind-body connection & was very interested in the client’s(my) health.