Bionutri Mastic Gum


For centuries, the inhabitants of the Eastern Mediterranean have embraced Mastic Gum, sourced from the Greek island of Chios, for its positive impact on digestive system health. Traditionally chewed, this natural remedy is now accessible in a convenient supplement form, eliminating the need for chewing. When processed into a powdered supplement, Mastic Gum typically reverts into a solid resinous mass over time. However, Bionutri has successfully addressed this challenge, ensuring that the gum remains as fine particles, facilitating its dispersion within the gastrointestinal tract.

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I would highly recommend treatments with Keren!

Not only have I seen results that have improved my IBS but I have also seen benefits in my overall well-being plus I have learnt a lot through Kerens' knowledge of how the body works. Keren is extremely professional & an expert in her field plus she has a friendly, approachable manner which makes you feel relaxed & comfortable so that you do gain the most from treatments.

- Gill

After only 2 sessions with Keren ..

.. I started to feel so much better,I had less bloating & felt like I had more energy & motivation.

Keren is extremely professional, informative & at all times she made me feel very comfortable & relaxed.

I highly recommend the service that Keren provides.

- Paula

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