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I have been visiting Keren at her clinic for a couple of years now & would like to say to anyone who is considering going for the 1st time – go!

I didn’t know what to expect on my 1st visit to meet Keren as a lot of people including myself may consider this therapy a tad embarrassing! Not at all, as from the offset Keren put me at my ease immediately with a friendly & humorous greeting.

The treatment itself is painless & Keren goes to great lengths to make you feel relaxed & comfortable, explaining everything along the way.

I have to say this has transformed the way I now feel as have always suffered from constipation which I no longer do thanks to having a couple of treatments a year.
So anyone pondering about going to see this wonderful lady don’t – you certainly will not regret it!!

– Deborah

I had my treatment with Keren a week ago at York Clinic & can’t praise her enough.

Keren took the time to eplain everything to me a very professional manner & put me at ease from the very beginning. Any misgivings i had quickly dissipated.any
the treatment itself is painless & lasted about 40 minutes during which i was made to feel comfortable.

Any embarrassment i thought i would experience vanished. She makes the procedure feel totally natural, &remarkably relaxing, Keren talks you through every step.

You can see all that goes on, it’s so fascinating & the results are marvellous.
After following Keren’s brilliant home-care advice i’m finally well rid of chronic constipation & severe bloating that plagued me for 20 years.

Keren is a lifesaver & would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their digestion system which is gravely overlooked.

– Kim