Lemon Cleanse/Detox

The day before the treatment cleanse / detox.

This Detox or internal cleansing is very easy and comfortable for those who want to clear out the old and put in the new.

If you have never considered detoxing or doing a cleanse this is quick and easy.

Everyone can detox my suggestion is that you start with a One Day Lemon detox which stimulates the liver and cleanses the colon.

Chop up one whole lemon, place in a jug or liquidiser add 500ml of water and place in a liquidizer or hand wand blitz until smooth as possible. Use the entire lemon, skin, pips.

Push through a sieve until the pulp is as dry as possible. Discard the pulp

Add water to the sieved lemon, make up to total of 1.5 litres.

Start drinking the detox first thing in the morning.
Drink one glass (approx. 175mls) every hour 1 hour until all the cleanse has been consumed.

It is recommended to eat porridge for breakfast and a large hearty salad with protein and a small amount of fresh carbohydrate (not pasta) at lunch and teatime.

This is an excellent preparation for people who suffer from chronic constipation and is excellent preparation for colonic hydrotherapy, by softening and loosening the stools.

For best results from your colonic hydrotherapy treatment this should be taken the day before you have your treatment.

A glass of lemon detox water

After Treatment Beauty Breakfast

This breakfast has been traditionally used by those wanting to have a steady supply of energy in the morning, good digestion, regular elmination and beautiful skin.

It requires minimal preparation and is ready to be eaten in the morning.


  • live yoghurt (soya yoghurt if you are lactose intolerant)
  • orange or other fruit juice or water
  • handful of porridge oats,
  • linseeds,
  • a couple of chopped prunes,
  • sunflower seeds
  • a couple of chopped apricots.


Before you go to bed, mix all of the ingredients above into a small dish or glass. Leave in the fridge to ferment overnight, and eat in the morning on its own or with some fresh fruit or berries.

I have been to Keren’s practice a number of times now & instantly I felt at ease.

Keren has a very calming manner & talks me through the procedure.

It is something that I look forward to & have great success with as in I feel so much better after my colonic therapy.

Thank you Keren for being an absolute star!

– Louise

I am a little bit biased as Keren is a fellow practitioner at York Clinic.

She really cares about her work & this shines though n her professional yet friendly approach.

Having been in her chosen profession for a great many years she forms part of a team at one of the most long standing & prestigious clinic in York which I believe speaks volumes about her work.

– Darren