About Keren

& Colonic Hydrotherapy

“I am passionate about Colonic Hydrotherapy & how the gut/brain connection affects bowel disruption & how along with my clients we can work together to achieve better long term health.”

Keren’s Story

Keren started her career as a beauty therapist & worked in salons, hotels & on cruise ships for 5 years before deciding to push her boundaries & train as a Colon Hydrotherapist with Gallina Imrie in Maidenhead back in 2008.

This led to a new career & Keren has carried out thousands of treatments within this time. 

She is passionate about being a Gut specialist & believes what we poop ought to be talked about more, rather than being an embarrassing topic of conversation. 

There are many ways in which Colonic Hydrotherapy is important as without a Happy Gut our health is compromised. 

Clients come in for a variety of reasons including IBS, constipation, bloating, gas & other digestive disruptive patterns often triggered by emotional stress. Often having regular treatments & they understand the benefits of doing so. 

We work together to create a simple home care plan that is easy to follow, often including nutritional supplements. Keren highly regards from leading companies, to gain the best outcome possible.


A member of RICTAT, the Register of Integrative Colon Therapists & Trainers since it began in 2010 & am insured by Holistic Insurance Services.

Proud to be a Colonic Hydrotherapy Advanced Practitioner after training was completed in 2012.

Keren put me at ease & explained the whole process as I’d never had a colonic before.

Treatment was actually very relaxing & much nicer than I had expected. I have learnt so much more about how my digestive system acts & to manage my IBS in future .

I intend having a colonic about every 2-3 months & making it an important part of my health routine it’s made such a difference to me. I’d highly recommend anyone try treatment with or without tummy problems.

I now realise that you haven’t got to just put up with things.

– Sophie

I would highly recommend treatments with Keren!

Not only have I seen results that have improved my IBS but I have also seen benefits in my overall well-being plus I have learnt a lot through Kerens’ knowledge of how the body works. Keren is extremely professional & an expert in her field plus she has a friendly, approachable manner which makes you feel relaxed & comfortable so that you do gain the most from treatments.

– Gill

The 7 R’s of Colon Hydrotherapy


the gut wall


the bowel


the bowel function


the gut/brain connection


the owner of the bowel


the waste, irritants and allergen triggers


digestants and rebalances the bowel flora

from Galina Imrie’s “Always Look After Number Two”.